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Greenhouse shipping container in Florida

High Cube 40 foot shipping container 8 feet deep and 9.5 feet high (Expansion by adding additional units).

Maximum Yield Grow Facility

Interior wall: Painted interior and exterior in choice of colors
The floor: Wood floors with aluminum plates for safety
Doors: Original container double-doors with optional single door

8 Wall fans

HVAC system includes 2 air conditioner units with 2 air conditioner support racks

Irrigation system with water tank, 132 gallons

Water pump

Irrigation control system

Lighting system HPS 1000w  or Led is available

Timing system

Guide rail with rope for lighting

Emergency lights

Ventilation and duct work

Floor plan


Contact us for customization, inquiries or growing consultations by an expert. Multiple units can be attached to each other at site

Things To Know

The unit may qualify for financing

Install on a permanent foundation

Consultations are available

Pricing does not include local tax, site work, local delivery, setup and any permitting that may be required


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