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Tiny home or storage shed made from a shipping container

Unit is 9.8 feet wide, 19.5 feet long and 9 feet high. So much room at such a small price. 

Includes bathroom, with sink, toilet and shower.


Used in home, office, storage or anything that fits your lifestyle.

Includes steel door and one galvanized pvc sliding window. Unit contains ceiling and walls made of sandwich board. The floor is composed of Magnesium Oxide panels (MGO). MGO is virtually impervious to fire, water, insects; does not feed mold or mildew; is non-toxic, non- flammable and non-combustible; is durable, maintains its dimensional stability – even when wet; and has exceptional bonding surface.

Plumbing and electric can be added. Unit is painted grey. Other colors are available. Assembly is not included


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