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Built For Life

Containers in Motion builds for life. Your life. Our goal is to meet the ever-changing lifestyle needs of our customers from both a lifestyle perspective and environmental standpoint. People from all walks of life invest in a Containers in Motion home because of our reputation for building the finest tiny designer homes, pricing them affordably, and backing them with outstanding protection.

Our commercial and residential container homes for sale are built in a controlled building environment by skilled, experienced craftsmen.We are the premier company in this specialized arena. Think big and let’s create the house plans that can turn into the house of your dreams.

Standard packages are offered for single units or clients can customize to their needs.

More than Homes

Our residential and commercial container homes span in many ways.

Some examples of modified container homes for sale include:

Single or Multi-Space Garages
Modular Offices and Modular Workspaces
Modular Showers and Bathroom Pods
Food Stands or Coffee Stands
Luxury Green Houses (or Grow Houses)
Industrial Greenhouses
College Dorms
Man Caves and She Sheds
Safety bunkers
Medical offices
Container Swimming Pools
ADU Apartments
Accessory Dwellings
And many more!

Custom Container Homes

You are our first priority and our engineers can construct your own custom container home to your own custom requirements!

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The Suburban is a built home constructed from single use shipping containers. Our homes are meticulously designed for extreme durability, efficiency, and modern living.

Units available for immediate delivery!

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The all-new HD series combines the efficiency of a shipping container built into a home, with the added coolness of a Geodesic dome over it.

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Constructed with a new 20ft high cube container

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The Montana was designed from the ground up to be an efficient, environmentally friendly home. The design is focused on comfort and use of space.

The single unit can have two bedrooms and more units can be added for additional space. The unit features 2 bedrooms, bathroom, sitting area deck and kitchen area.

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The Montana40IP119 offers clients a contemporary home with lots of natural light and an efficient use of space .

The award winning unit can be arranged to clients specifications .

The environmentally friendly space can be expanded and also is available in a 20 foot version.

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Our popular Montana unit also available in a 60 foot version. The unit has two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen area, sitting area and deck.

Two containers are joined to create this beautiful spacious 2 bedroom unit.

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Container size: 40 feet long x 8 feet wide x 9.5 feet high

Exterior Cladding

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Home size: 25 ¾ feet long x 7 ¾ feet wide x 12.9 feet high

Total 239 sq ft

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Home size: 28 ½ feet long x 7 ¾ feet wide x 12.9 feet high

Total 288 sq ft


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