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Rockland Clad

Container size: 40 feet long x 8 feet wide x 9.5 feet high

Exterior Bamboo Wood Cladding

Fixtures image


Bathroom: Cabinet wash basin with mirror, Faucet; Toilets, Shower with shower head (hot and cool water system); Hook, towel rack, paper holder

Electrical Items: Distribution box with breakers; Cable, LED Light; Socket, switches; Water supply and drainage piping system (hot and cool water system)

Ceiling: Steel with insulation except kitchen and bathroom which feature aluminum buckle-.board
Interior wall: Walls are sheetrock . Bathroom shower is ceramic tile
The floor: Designer wood floor in the living area. Bathroom features ceramic tile
Doors: Doors and windows are double pane glass designed for safety


Things To Know

The unit may qualify for financing

Install on a permanent foundation

Consultations are available

Pricing does not include local tax, site work, local delivery, setup and any permitting that may be required


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